Pay with your fingerprint

Pay with your fingerprint in any store or institution and avoid financial loss by avoiding the use of credit cards, cash or smartphone

personal use

How it works


Download BaxPay In App Store or Google Play and create new personal account

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Enroll your finger

Search and enroll your fingerprint in any of our partner nearby

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You are ready

Add your credit card or bank accounts and pay worldwide with no exchange fees.

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for business

3 steps for Business


Download BaxPay Espress create new Business Account

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Get BaxPay POS

Oder your BaxPay POS in our website or your account

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Get paid

You get your order in 3 days and ready to use

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Top up is opcional

Use your existing payments method

Connect your existing bank account, credits cards, paypal or even your local payment methods and no exchange fee

Early access

Registered business

Registered Countries

Merchants | Business only

Checkout mode

As business you can enable checkout mode and add disable or enable your employees. 

They access only Get Paid feature, no balance or transactions is shown

Personal | Business

Real Time Transaction

Get notifications and details of all your transactions in realtime. With time and all details

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